"They’re all cowards, every damn one of them. Whatever. I’ll just consume them. As they become my flesh and blood, they will see beyond. I… I am the king!"

 D.Gray Bleach Man ..!! 

ببداء بـ دي جراي مان قريباً ان شاء الله يكون جميل مثل بليتش >\\<


his face here always breaks my heart

هاللقطة تقهر بشكل T_____________T.. ترددت اسوي ريبلوغ 



The scene where Grimmjow tears Loly’s leg off was omitted from the anime…
#disappoint >_>

probably because it looks like rape…
though I’m disappointed too because it’s one of my favourite Grimmjow scenes

كآآآآآآآآآآآآي مره يعجبني هالجريمجو يأدب العالم صح  xDDD

مدري ليه لما يبتسم اضحك xDDD ..!!